A Twist On an Old Idea

With Completely New Results…

Randomize the flow in your reef aquarium

The primary focus of the RFG or Random Flow Generator Nozzle is to transform the flow from your return lines into a beneficial random pattern as opposed to just a flow accelerating. With the RFG Nozzle you can create a more natural environment with a random flow pattern with no moving parts.

Plus, the RFG Nozzle moves more water while redirecting the flow in a random pattern allowing you to crank up the GPH on your return pump without blasting your coral or aquacade.

No Moving Parts

The internal structure of the RFG Nozzle is comprised of a 5-vane helix that spirals nearly the entire length of the nozzle.

Each vane of the helix is connected to an eductor at the base. Together, they from a set of internal channels.

These channels work to direct the water in different directions as it exits the nozzle.

A Truly Random Flow Pattern

Small variations in the water movement and pressure around the eductors at the base,  cause the flow passing through the nozzle to randomly favor one channel over the other.

When one eductor draws in more water than the others, it causes an effect within the nozzle appropriately called “Channeling”. This causes the bulk of the water exiting the nozzle to be directed at the angle of that particular channel.

This process repeats itself over and over, as long as water is passing through the nozzle, to create a truly random flow pattern

Easy-Snap Fitting

The RFG features a secure, easy-snap loc-line fitting that requires no tools to attach or remove, making cleaning the nozzle a snap.

Available in both 1/2″ and 3/4″ loc-line fitting and soon to be available in a 1″ Slip fitting.

A Random Flow Generator

The RFG Nozzle does share some common elements with flow accelerators such as the eductor, which is designed to draw in more water, but the RFG is not an accelerator. Rather, it is a Random Flow Generator.

Watch the video above to learn more about how the RFG Nozzle is different from the standard aquarium flow accelerator  nozzle.

See the RFG Nozzle in action

3D Printed!

3D printing makes the unique internal shape that gives the RGF Nozzle its distinctive water movement properties possible.

Each nozzle is manufactured onsite using a quality, reef safe PETG plastic and will hold up the harsh saltwater environment.

upgrade your flow!

The Random Flow Generator is the easiest way to upgrade the flow in your reef tank.

  • 1/2in Random Flow Generator – RFG050

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • 3/4in Random Flow Generator – RFG075

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • 1in Random Flow Generator – RFG100

  • Red Sea Reefer Ultimate Return Line Upgrade – 25mm to 1/2in RFG

  • Red Sea Reefer Ultimate XXL Return Line Upgrade – 25mm to 3/4in RFG

  • 1/2in RFG Nozzle With Red Sea Reefer Slip-Fit-Drop Adapter

  • 3/4in RFG Nozzle With Red Sea Reefer Slip-Fit-Drop Adapter

  • Special Edition – RFG Nozzle – Azure Blue

  • 1/2in RFG Nozzle With Red Sea Max Adapter

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • 3/4in RFG Nozzle With Red Sea Max Adapter