NYOS OPUS Compatible

Random Flow Generator® Nozzles and Kits

Add the Random Flow Generator® Nozzle to your NYOS Aquarium

Easy Upgrade

Adding the Random Flow Generator® to your NYOS® OPUS G1 or G2 series aquarium system is easy and requires no permanent modifications or tools.

Choosing the right kit

For best results, choose the Flow Kit that best fits the flow rate your return pump can provide to the outlet.

Single RFG Options start at 400 GPH , while dual RFG kits do best with 800 GPH or more.


The stock outlet of the OPUS line is a 25mm outer diameter pipe. Each flow kit listed below inludes a  25mm compatble flex-sereis pipe adapter. The adpater will slip-fit over the stock outlet, or in the case of the single 1/2in klit, it will snug-fit inside the stock outlet.


The stock nozzle design of the NYOS Opus aquarium line

Single Nozzle Options

400 GPH or more

Single 1/2in Flex Series RFG

500 GPH  or more

Single 3/4in Flex Series RFG


Dual Nozzle Options

800 GPH or more

Dual 1/2in Flex Series RFGs

1,000 GPH or more

Dual 3/4in Flex Series RFGs