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The RFG Nozzles are being used on a huge variety of aquariums and by hobbiests at every level. These are just a few RFG product reviews and testimonials VCA has received for the Random Flow Generator.

Header image features the 60-gallon mixed reef tank of Jan N, of Phoenix, Arizona

This is the single best upgrade for any tank and for the price makes this stupid not to try!

I started with this product back in January as I was looking for a solution to create more flow in more areas in the tank and did not want to go with any moving part solutions. At this time I had a RSM130D (Red Sea Max 130D) I already had a problem with heat in the tank so I didn’t want to add another powerhead. I ordered the 1/2 inch one and used the upgraded 500gph RSM pump from Sicce to push it. Immediately I had amazing flow patterns and actually had surface movement as well as deepwater currents. I noticed the fish were more active and swam much differently. I also noticed the corals looked much healthier with superior polyp extension and many all around the tank now were waving in the flow. I was hooked. The month after I added the RFG coral growth seemed to increase especially a Birdsnest SPS which liked flow but never did well in constant blasting. This product is AMAZING and at a great price!     Read more over at Reef2Reef ››



“FTRTV – RFG?? REALLY F****** GOOD!!! “

First Time Reefer Youtube Channel


First Time Reefer TV is a YouTube channel hosted by Aussie David Mai and is dedicated to documenting his personal journey through the reefing hobby.


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David Mai

YouTuber, First Time Reefer

“In My Opinion, the RFG is an amazing product…”

TheCoralReefTalk Youtube Channel


TheCorlaReefTalk, hosted by Joey Jones is a YouTube channel dedicated the reefing hobby.  Joey has a huge following and regularly shares his thoughts and experiences with the reefing community on the hobby and with in-depth product reviews.

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Joey Jones

YouTuber, The Coral Reef Tank

“You can definitely see the random flow…”

– EDK Reef Meister Tank Youtube Channel


EDK ReefMisters is an aspiring YouTuber and he shares his experiences  with his saltwater aquarium. He’s also a frequent guest and participant on the Rico’s ReefTank Live stream

EDK’s YouTube channel is growing so be sure check out the rest of his videos

EDK ReefMeister


“You can definitely see the random flow….”

– Dave’s Nano Tank Youtube Channel

Watch Dave un-box his new 1/2in Random Flow Generators and install them on his JBJ Nano Cube. Dave’s Youtube channel Chronicles his experiences in the Saltwater hobby. be sure to check out the rest of his videos

Daves Nano Tanks


“Creates a random flow in my tank…”

– Lovebetta Youtube Channel



Once I added the random flow generators it changed the game. More polyp extension on my SPS and not too much flow hitting one spot. I highly recommend !!! I teed mine off and have 8 in the tank, WOW the difference is huge

Jimmy Pop Colson

“Such a great product! Corals are loving the extra flow.”

Jason G.


“Your product successfully blew our minds… very impressed.”

Kristopher Pedemonte

Kristopher Pedemonte

Vivid Aquariums, Canoga Park, California

“I think in the long run, something like this could be a big game changer…”

Sonoran Reefs Yourtube Channel

Phoenox, Arizona

I purchased a 1/2″ RFG Nozzle with the Red Sea REEFER adapter for my Nano and I must say this thing is ingenious.

The adapter was easy to slide on with firm pressure yet fits snugly. It really does create random flow in the tank. You can see the discharge changing directions. My tank is primarily LPS corals and in my small tank the RFG is providing plenty of flow. I was able to remove the Tunze 6040 that I could barely run on the lowest setting without beating stuff up. I don’t miss the clutter or noise. Thanks for the great customer service!

Jason T.

Madison, Wisconsin

Great product and professional service. I’ve had my VCA nozzles for a few weeks and they work perfectly. Love the fact that there are no moving parts.. nothing to fail while I’m not home, and this gives me great peace of mind.

Jan N.

Phoenix, Arizona

I ordered a pair of 1/2″ RFG nozzles for my Red Sea Reefer return. They provide quite the chaotic flow, particularily when they cross paths with the WAVs from the sides. Corals are all doing well, and I havent seen a drop off in flow rate as a result. I did have to lower my return nozzles, as these have eductors on them to speed up the water, and if they are too close to the surface, they can draw in air instead of water.

Still, I really like them, and the customer service is amazing. A+ product


Reef-2-Reef - Grand Rapids, Michigan

It’s a little hard to see in the back, left corner of my bc29, but my rfg is working great. my nems love the random flow and I have a couple dozen in there I need to please. it also works great in conjunction with my octo fff.

Matt M.

Mesa AZ, Octo Aquaics

I was on Facebook a few moths back and came across a post by @vivid_creative_aquatics promoting their random flow generator.

I kept an eye on it for awhile and kept seeing good reviews. So I finally decided that I wasn’t Happy with my current flow and what the hell… lets give it a shot!

It got here yesterday and tonight after work I decided to put it on. It snapped into place effortlessly! And that was the end of the installation. No unscrewing this or having to fabricate that. It just…worked.

I didn’t have a clue what to expect when I turned the return back on, specially since it sticks out further than my original nozzle. I was thinking stuff was going to get blasted and it would be a waste of money. But surprisingly, my coral weren’t getting hammered at all! They were just swaying and it seemed like the random patterns were actually legit.

I plugged in the Mp10 set it at 50% reefcrest and I have to say… everything looks like I’ve wanted it to look like in my head all along. A nice ocean flow. The only thing upset is my acans but I plan on adjusting anyway so I’m not too worried about them. I’ll have to review the random flow generator in a couple more weeks but up to now, I have to say… I’m pleasantly surprised with the product @vivid_creative_aquatics has brought into the reefing community.



I just put mine on today and I’m loving it!! Shipping was super fast too
Gary S.


The RFG does just like it shows in the video with the random flow and no moving parts to go bad. I would have to say that this is a great piece of equipment for the tank if you are looking to created a random flow. And, not to mention they have the best customer service, they can’t be beat. They are more than willing to take care of any issues no matter how small they are. Look forward to seeing more great products from you all. Thank you!
Stephen M.

Got the rfg in 1/2 and 3/4 , I must say they surpassed my expectations, well made and do there job. Awesome product
Chuck F.

I am a fan of the RFG. I just got mine in and installed them. I love the random flow I get out of it, and best of all no parts to out or go bad. And on a side note they have great customer service. Can’t wait to see what comes next from them!


Excellent customer service. Super fast shipping for an amazing product.
Jason E.


purchased one of these nozzles for my Biocube. It worked very well, but wasn’t tight at the loc-line connection. I contacted them back and immediately they told me they would make me another one. He went as far as going to a store in his area to measure the point of connection on a tank. He then made me a revised part and shipped it out to me at no charge, and didn’t want the other one back. It’s very hard to find customer service like this these days. I would recommend this product for someone looking to vary the flow in their tank. You can see the surface of the water change.
Darrin S.


Dear VCA, I can’t thank you enough for this awesome product! We received and installed the nozzels today and I am so impressed I have to share my thoughts and experience with you.

We have a 60g plumbed into a 120g and before receiving the nozzels, the 60g seemed to have less return flow than the 120g I guess due to head height ?? since we installed your nozzels we are getting more flow to the 60g without having to turn up the return pumps. I am so much happier with the way the surface area of both the 120g and the 60g are turning over now.

I believe these nozzels for me are God sent and I can’t Thank you all enough for such a Great product and at a steal of a price. Thank you. I will do a video on them soon and take some pictures and get them to you. THANK YOU SO MUCH


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