Add the Random Flow Generator To Your 

Innovative Marine

Add the patented Random Flow Generator® Nozzle to your Fusion Nuvo, SR, Pro amdd  INT and EXT Series Aquarium.

IM Nuvo Fusion Series

The classic Im Fusion Series aquariums are a prefect match. Adding the Random flow Generator is straight forward and easy, and possible the best bang for your buck, in terms of creating flow in these aquariums.


15 Gallons and Larger

Nuvo Fusion, Nuvo SR and & Pro  Series AIOs

 Some Nuvo Fusion Sereis aquariums have as many as 4 outlets while others have a single outlet. The options listed below are the items you’ll need for each outlet.

Option 1

1/2in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle paired with the 19mm Slip-Fit Drop Adpater.

This is the most compact setup – the total length of the 1/2in RFG with the SLip-Fit-Drop adapter is the same as the stock flare nozzle.

For optimum results, you’ll want to be sure your pump is capable of providing 250 GPH or more to each outlet.

You’ll need one set for each outlet in your tank.


  • 19mm to 1/2in Slip-Fit-Drop Adapters
  • 1/2in Flex-Series Random Flow Generator

Option 2

1/2in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle With Loc-Line

Adding a single 1/2in Random Flow Generator Nozzle to each outlet is a popular option and can provide wave maker like flow when provide enough GPH. For optimum results, you’ll want to be sure your pump is capable of providing 250 GPH or more to each outlet.

You’ll need one Flow kit per outlet 

  • 1/2in Flex-Series Random Flow Generator  Flow Kit

Option 3

Dual 1/4in Random Flow Generator® Nozzles with optional 19mm Slip-Fit Drop adapter.

Adding dual 1/4in Random Flow Generator Nozzles to each outlets provides a lot of adjustability. The 19mm Slips-Fit-Drop adapters are optional in this setup and provide a cleaner look above the water line. You’ll need one for each outlet in you tank.


  • Ultimate Nano Tank Return Line Upgrade Kit
  • OPTIONAL: 2 x 19mm to 1/2in Slip-Fit-Drop Adapters

10 Gallons & Peninsula Style

Nuvo Fusion Series

For the 10-galloni AIO or the Peninsula series aquarium, there are two possible stock inlet sizes. Choose the 16mm to 19mm adapter based on the look of the stock flare nozzle.

Nuvo NXT and INT Series

Easy Upgrade!

The Innovative Marine “reef ready” series both come stock with genuine 3/4in Loc-Line fitting. making hem ready to flow with the Random Flow Generator.

The only decision you need to make is what size RFG Nozzles to go with. the 3/4in RFG are directly compatible, while the 1/2in RFG will require a reducer.

3/4in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

Choose the 3/4in Random Flow Generator

3/4in RFG Nozzles are directly compatible with your EXT or NXT system.

Split the stock Outlets

It’s easy to split the outlet into dual Random Flow Generators.  Either of the Ultimate Return Line Upgrade Kits will attach directly to the stock outlet.

Choose between dual 1/2 inch or dual 3/4in RFGs – just make sure your return pump is up to the task. You’ll need a suggested 650gph to 750 GPH for the dual1/2ub kit and at least 800 GPH of the dual 3/4in kit.

Find the Random Flow Generator for Your Aquarium

Pre-configured flow kits, adapters and fittings design for just about every aquarium brand on the market today.
Adding the patented Random Flow Generator® to your aquarium has never been easier.

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Random Flow Generator for WaterBox
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