Ultimate Nano Tank Return Line Upgrade Kit – 1/2in to 1/4in RFG

Add the Patented Random Flow Generator® to your Fluvial 13.5
Plus, may other Nano tank using our Return Line Adapters

  • Kit Includes:
    – Genuine Loc-Line® fittings to ensure a perfect fit.
    –  Loc-Line® 1/2in to 1/4in Y Reducer Fitting
    – 4 Sections of genuine 1/4in Loc-line®
    – 2 x 1/4in Random Flow Generator® Nozzles – RFG025

Suggested Flow Rates:


24 in stock (can be backordered)


The Ultimate Nano Tank Return Line Upgrade Kit is Directly compatible with 1/2in Loc-Line.  This kit also works with any of our Return Line Adapters, Modular Hose Converters and 1/2in ball fitting on your stock Fluvial 13.5 return line

* Adapters sold separability

Add the Ultimate Nano Tank Return Line Upgrade kit  to your BioCube Aquarium. Its a great soltuion iff your return pump is capable of 250 to 350GPH. 

Choosing  the Right Adpater

Choose the right size adapter based on the brand of your BioCube.

  • CoraLife brand BioCube 20mm
  • Oceanivce brand BioCube: 18mm 
Random Flow Generator for Lifegard Aquatics

Use the Ultimate Nano Tank Return Line Upgrade kit with your LifeGard Aquatics nano tank. You will need our 20mm push-in adapter to go along with the Flow Kit.



The adapter set comes with both a 1/4in as well as the 1/2in Loc-Line adapter. This means you can easily reconfigure this from the dual to a single 1/4in RFG nozzles. This gives you the option to experiment nad get the best possible flow for your nano and pico aquarium. 

Random Flow Generator for WaterBox

The Ultimate Nano Tank Return Line Upgrade kit is a great alternative to our standard single-RFG Pre-Configured Waterbox Flow kits if you are wanting to add dual Random Flow Generator® Nozzles to your Waterbox CUBE or Peninsula Mini aquarium system.


When to choose this opiton...

If you return pump is capable of delivering between 225 to 300 GPH, then this is a great opitons. If you return pump can deliver 200 GPH or LESS, then choose our Single 1/4in RFG Nozzle option. If your return pump can deliver 325GPH or more, then you may see better results with our single 1/2in RFG nozzle options