The Patented Random Flow-Generator® Nozzle

The Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

The Only Random Flow Device With No Moving Parts.
The unique patented internal design of the Random Flow Generator® by Vivid Creative Aquatics, leverages fluid dynamics to randomly alter the direction of the flow as it exits the nozzle.

This internal helix design, pulls the central jet in on of 5 possible direction, but in only one direction at a time. The result is a broad randomized jet pattern with no moving parts to wear out, no noise and no addition heat generated.

The Random Flow Generator® or RFG Nozzle can help to create a more natural, randomized flow pattern within aquariums, ponds and other bodies of water as well as other fluids such as oils, air etc..

Nozzle with a random discharge jet pattern

Trade Marks

Random Flow Generator® is a registered trademark of Vivid Creative Aquatics, LLC.