3/4in Random Flow Generator – RFG075

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  • Creates a random flow pattern with no moving parts!
  • Easily Snaps onto standard 3/4in Loc-Line
  • Printed in Reef-safe PETG plastic. See our FAQ’s
Flow recommendations
The RFG Nozzle will handle far more flow than the "Optimal" GPH recommendations, so we encourage you to experiment and test the limits of the RFG Nozzles.
Minimum GPH
Optimal GPH
Single 3/4in RFG180-200420-500
Two 3/4in RFGs400-500700-800


The 5 internal fins form a set of spiraling channels. As the water flows through the nozzle, the channels draw the stream of water in one direction or the other. The small amount of interference at the base of the Eductor causes the stream to randomly change direction as it exits the nozzle.

Draws in additional water volume




Easy-Snap Fitting

Snaps onto a standard loc-line fitting with ease. No tool required.

Additional information

Weight 0.3125 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 6 in

3/4" Loc-line


Single 3/4in RFG Nozzle, Two-Pack of 3/4in RFG Nozzles

3 reviews for 3/4in Random Flow Generator – RFG075

  1. Stephen Mertens

    The RFG does just like it shows in the video with the random flow and no moving parts to go bad. I would have to say that this is a great piece of equipment for the tank if you are looking to created a random flow. And, not to mention they have the best customer service, they can’t be beat. They are more than willing to take care of any issues no matter how small they are. Look forward to seeing more great products from you all. Thank you!

  2. Ryan S (verified owner)

    I originally ordered 4 for my 300 gallon DD and will be ordering 4 more to round out my system.

    The increase in flow was significant and especially evident in the lull underneath the nozzles all the way to the bottom of the tank where it pulls water from. There is no longer a dead spot.

    I was skeptical on cost but it easily saved me from buying extra powerheads.

    I was skeptical about maintenance but after 6mo I’ve had non. If I did they separate from the loc-line fairly easy so this is not a problem.

    I was surprised just how much variation in direction of flow they provide. I’d guess 45 degrees.

  3. Stephen Fast (verified owner)

    These are a big win for reefers. I put these on and removed three plus circulation pumps from my design. They are eductors so not only do they randomize the flow they increase the effective flow from the nozzle by a few factors. So now you can simply use them on the return lines for increased circulation. Easily the best performance to price ratio for any piece of reef gear I’ve ever owned.

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