About Vivid Creative Aquatics

Products designed for the Aquarium Hobby.

Vivid Creative Aquatics, or VCA is a family owned and operated business. We specialize in products designed for the freshwater and saltwater aquarium hobby.

3D Printing – Additive Manufacturing

VCA utilizes additive manufacturing techniques more commonly known as 3D printing to produce parts and accessories for the marine and freshwater aquarium. We utilize a variety of plastics based on the end-use of the product. Items designed to be used in the water are printed using PETG and ABS plastic, while products designed for use outside the water may be printed in PLA, PLA+ and PETG

Our primary focus is on unique 3D printed products such as the RFG, or Random Flow Generator Nozzle. The RFG represents the first in a series of innovative products both designed and manufactured in-house.

Going forward, VCA has a list of products we plan to bring to market that will fill the unique and specific needs of the saltwater aquarium hobbyist and freshwater enthusiast.

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VCA 125 Gallon Mixed Reef