Random Flow Generator® Nozzles

For your Red Sea, Aquarium system

Discover our full line of RFG Nozzles and RFG Kits for your Red Sea REEFER™ and Red Sea MAX™ aquarium systems.

Light Shaping Visors

For Your AI Prime LED Light

Introducing the first product in the new ReefDudes Accessory Line by Vivid Creative Aquatics. The ALV is the easiest way to control light spill from your AI Prime LED light.

The Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

The Random Flow Generator® Nozzle by Vivid Creative Aquatics can produce the kind of random flow your reef tank needs – with no moving parts.

Mightjet™ DC Pump Controller Mount

Innovative New Controller Multi-Mount

Mount your Innovative Marine MightyJet™ DC Pump Controller with the new snap-fit mounting system. Includes both Hang-on and wall mounting options.

Random Swag

Grab your VCA swag. Choose from VCA Reef Mugs, T-shirts and the VCA Reef sticker.

RFG Nozzles & Adapters

The Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle is compatible with a variety aquarium from custom built to all-in-ones

3D Printed!

VCA specializes in the design and 3D printing of parts and accessories for the marine and freshwater aquarium. We utilize a variety of plastics based on the end-use of the product. Items designed to be used in the water are printed using PETG and ABS plastic, while products designed for use outside the water may be printed in PLA, PLA+ and PETG.

All 3D printed parts are printed and manufactured onsite and inspected for quality and consistency before being shipped out. Have questions about our 3D printing process or have a great idea you need designed and printed? We’d love to hear from you.