CADE Compatible

Random Flow Generator® Nozzles and Kits

Add the Random Flow Generator® Nozzle to your CADE Aquarium

Easy Upgrade

Adding the Random Flow Generator® to your CADE aquarium system is easy and requires no modifications or tools.

Start by selecting the model from the list.

Recommended pre-configured flow kits for the

CADE Reef S2 & Frag S2

CADE S2 Reef & Frag

Single Outlet Models

Both the Reef and Frag series aquariums feature a single 25mm inlet pipe, offset to the right side of the aquarium.

You can add a single or dual Random Flow Generator® to this outlet using a pre-configured flow kit.

For best result, choose baed on your retunr pump flow.

400 GPH or more

Single 1/2in Flex Series RFG

500 GPH or more

Single 3/4in Flex Series RFG

650 GPH or more

Single 1in Flex Series RFG

800 GPH or more

Dual 1/2in Flex Series RFGs

1,000 GPH or more

Dual 3/4in Flex Series RFGs



Recommended pre-configured flow kits for the

CADE Peninsula 

Two Outlets
Big Flow!

The CADE Peninsula Series has two outlets – one on either side of the overflow box . You can add a single Random Flow Generator® to each outlet.

You’ll need two flow kits for a complete flow solution


800 GPH or more

Two 1/2in Flex Series RFGs

950 GPH or more

Two 3/4in Flex Series RFGs

1,200 GPH or more

Two 1in Flex Series RFGs