Limited Edition Flow Kits for the

EShopps Deskmate®

Add the patented Random Flow Generator® Nozzle to this cool litte desktop tank and brighten your day.

A Fun Addition to a Sexy Line of Nano Tanks

These flow kits are the prefect match to your DeskMate aquarium. They feature a limited edition Sunset Orange Random®  Flow Generator and are new 16mm Flex adapter making them a direct-fit replacement for the stock flare nozzle.

What could be more fun than that?

Choosing the right kit for you Deskmate is a matter of flow. Choose the kit best suited to the amount of flow your return pump can provide.


Direct Compatibility

Both Deskmate® Flow kits are directly compatible with the entire Deskmate® Collection. However, based on tank size and configuration, the Single or Dual Flow Kit may be better suited for that aquarium.

160 GPH or Less

Choose the single RFG Flow kit

160 GPH or More

Choose the dual RFG Flow kit


Limited Edition DeskMate®  Flow Kits

These pre-configured flow kits feature the Flex-Series Random Flow Generator in Sunset Orange and are a direct-fit to your DeskMate aquarium.

Other Compatible Flow Kits

These pre-configured flow kits are also compatible with your DeskMate aquarium. Each kit features the Flex-Series Random Flow Generator and the 16.5mm flex adpater needed to instlal these ktis to your Deskmate.

Find the Random Flow Generator for Your Aquarium

Pre-configured flow kits, adapters and fittings design for just about every aquarium brand on the market today.
Adding the patented Random Flow Generator® to your aquarium has never been easier.

Random Flow Generator for Red Sea
Random Flow Generator for WaterBox
NYOS compatible Flow kits
Random Flow Generator for Fluval
Hello Reef
Random Flow Generator for Lifegard Aquatics
Random Flow Generator for JBJ
Random Flow Generator for CADE