Proclear/ProStar Compatible

Add the patented Random Flow Generator® Nozzle to your Proclear/ProStar aquarium system.

ProStar 60 to 90 Systems

For the ProStar 60 an 90 models you will want to consider the 1/2in Random Flow Generator Nozzles. You’ll need the RFG nozzles as well as the 22.8mm modular hose converters and at least 3 segments of 1/2in Loc-Line per inlet


This setup will work for:

  • ProStar 60
  • ProStar 90

Single 1/2in Random Flow Generators® Nozzle

Add a single 1/2in Random Flow  Generator to your ProStar 60 or 90 system. Choose this option if you return pump is capable of deleivering 350 to 500 GPH to the outlet

Dual 1/2in Random Flow Generators®

You can split the inlet of your your ProStar 60 or 90 system with dual Random Flow Generator. Insure you return pump is capable of delivering at least 800 GPH (or more) to the outlet for best results.

1 x MHA2122, Modular Hose Converter

1 x Loc-Line 1/2in Y Fitting

1 x Stick of 1/2in Loc-Line

2 x 1/2in Flex-Series Random Flow Generators

ProClear 150 to 230 Systems

For the larger ProStar systems you’ll want to go with 3/4in Random Flow Generators. You’ll need the RFG nozzles, at lesat 3 segemtns of 3//4in Loc-Line per side and a set of the 32mm to 3/4in Loc-Line modular hose converters.

This setup will work with:

  • ProStar 150

  • ProStar 200

  • ProStar 230

  • ProStar 150 Peninsula

  • ProStar 200 Peninsula

  • ProStar 230 Peninsula