The Patented Random Flow-Generator® Nozzle

The Patented

Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

The Only Random Flow Device With No Moving Parts.

The Random Flow Generator® Nozzle has a unique patented internal design that uses fluid dynamics to randomly vary the intensity and direction of the flow as it exits the nozzle.

The Random Flow Generator® or RFG Nozzle can help to create a more natural, randomized flow pattern within an aquarium, pond, or other bodies of water.


Each Random Flow Generator is designed to snap on to genuin Loc-line fittings or slip-fit to standard PVC pipe.  For exmaple, the 1/2in Random FLow Generator will connect directly to genuine 1/2in Loc-Line modular hose.

RFG Nozzles for Specific Aquariums

Many of our Random Flow Generator Nozzles are available in our Pre-Configured Flow Kits. Flow Kits take all the guess-work out of adding an RFG nozzle to you aquarium.  We also have an extensive line of adapters and converters to cover just about ever aquarium brand on the market  today.

Find the Random Flow Generator for Your Aquarium

Pre-configured flow kits, adapters and fittings design for just about every aquarium brand on the market today.
Adding the patented Random Flow Generator® to your aquarium has never been easier.

Random Flow Generator for Red Sea
Random Flow Generator for WaterBox
Random Flow Generator for CADE
Random Flow Generator for Fluval
Random Flow Generator for JBJ
Random Flow Generator for Lifegard Aquatics