Pre-Configured Flow Kits to Fit Every Your Aquarium

The 1/2in Random Flow Generator® Return Line Upgrade Kit is a highly compatible flow kit designed to work directly with many different aquariums, Including Red Sea Reefer and Red Sea Max, Innovative Marine, Waterbox, BioCube, MODE and many more.

Dual RFG Nozzle Flow Kits Single RFG Nozzle Flow Kits Specialty RFG Nozzle Flow kits

Find the Random Flow Generator for Your Aquarium

Pre-configured flow kits, adapters and fittings design for just about every aquarium brand on the market today.
Adding the patented Random Flow Generator® to your aquarium has never been easier.

Random Flow Generator for Red Sea
Random Flow Generator for WaterBox
NYOS compatible Flow kits
Random Flow Generator for Fluval
Hello Reef
Random Flow Generator for Lifegard Aquatics
Random Flow Generator for JBJ
Random Flow Generator for CADE

The Random Flow Generator® Line Up

The Random Flow Generator® Nozzles is available in sizes ranging from 1/4in for pico and nano aquariums to as large as 2in for commercial coral grow out systems and large public aquarium environments.

Shown bleow are the most common sizes

1/2in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle
3/4in Flex Series  Random Flow Generator® Nozzle
1in Flex Series Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

Never-Rust Tweezers!

The 100% plastic, UV-reactive, never-goign-to-rust, floating tweezers  are now available  in two sizes, our original 11in Never-Rust Tweezer and the new jumbo 18in Never-Rust Tweezer.

18in Never-Rust Tweezers

Aquarium Accessories

Unique tools accessories for your aquarium. Find our unique Never-Rust Aquarium Tweezers, feeding accessories, various controller mounts and brackets to help you keep it neat and organized.

Bonbon Mini Line Screen Filters

Flow Kits Featuring the Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

Our pre-configurd Flow kits make it easy to add the Patented Random Flow Generator® to your aquarium. We take all the guesswork out of choosing the right adapters and fittings.


VCA Adapters

Pipe to Modular Hose Adapters

Convert PVC pipe to Loc-Line® with our full line of pipe-to-Loc-Line Adapters.  Available for schedule 40- PVC as well as many metric pipe sizes. Each pipe adapter is designed to snug-fit and requires no tape, no glue and no adhesives.

Loc-Line Fittings & Modular Hose

Find Genuine Loc-Line® fittings in 1/4in, 1/2in and 3/4in sizes as well as our exclusive 1in Jumbo Modular Hose System. We also offer a line of modular hose converters to make any modular hose brand Loc-Line compatible.

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