Deluxe Defroster Cups – DFROST

Deluxe Fish Food Defroster Cup

Thaw – Rinse  – Feed – Repeat!

– Lid seals tight to prevent spills
– Small and compact for easy storage
– Convenient 2-pack
– Great for vacation time food prep
– Top-shelf dishwasher safe

    • Outer cup:  Clear Polypropylene
    • Inner cup and screen: 3D printing in Reef-Safe PETG


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Defrost and rinse your frozen fish foods with the

DFROST Deluxe Defroster Cup

  • Lid seals tight to prevent spills
  • Allows storage of frozen or defrosted food
  • Removable screen and inner cup for easy cleaning
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

Easy Vacation Food Prep

Simply prep one cup for each day you are away, label the top and place back in the freezer. Now your tank sitter won’t have to guess how much to feed, plus, defrosting and rinsing will be a breeze.