CADE Compatible Flow Kits

Add the Random Flow Generator® to your CADE aquarium system with our new CADE Aquarium Flow Kits for the FRAG, REEF and Peninsula Series aquariums

Never Going to Rust!

The new 11in Never-Rust Tweezers for your Reef Tank

We'll Provide the flow

Coralline algae not included…
The Random Flow Generator® stands up to the harsh environment of the saltwater aquarium.


The Salinity Probe Stability Kit

Make Monitoring your Salinity in your aquarium usaful gain, with the new SPS Kit

The Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

The Random Flow Generator® Nozzle by Vivid Creative Aquatics can produce the kind of random flow your reef tank needs – with no moving parts.

RFG Nozzles & Adapters

The Random Flow Generator® Nozzle is compatible with a variety of aquarium from custom built to all-in-ones

Water Flow

The Random Flow Generator® Nozzle. by Vivid Creative Aquatics can dramatically change the way water moves around your aquarium. With the RFG Nozzle you can produce a more natural flow pattern while also simplifying your flow solution. The RFG has not moving parts, which means it is reliable and durable in the harsh environmental conditions inside your reef tanks.


3D Printed!

VCA specializes in the design and 3D printing of parts and accessories for the marine and freshwater aquarium. We utilize a variety of plastics based on the end-use of the product. Items designed to be used in the water are printed using PETG and ABS plastic, while products designed for use outside the water may be printed in PLA, PLA+ and PETG.

All 3D printed parts are printed and manufactured onsite and inspected for quality and consistency before being shipped out. Have questions about our 3D printing process or have a great idea you need designed and printed? We’d love to hear from you.