Pipe to Loc-Line Adapters

We offer a variety of adapters, fittings and connectors. Most are design to allow you to add a Random Flow Generator® Nozzle your tank, or to convert metric or standard PVC pipe to Loc-Line®.

Modular hose Adapters

If you need to convert a non-loc-line branded modular hose to Loc-Line, then take a look at our Modular Hose to Loc-Line Adapers.

Modular Hose to Loc-Line Converters

These specialized adapters are designed to allow you to attach genuine Loc-Line and Random Flow Generator Nozzles directly to metric and off-brand modular hose.

Many of these adapters are also included in our pre configured flow kits and are labeled and named for specific aquarium brands

To help you determine which size adapter may fit a modular hose you have, measure the outer Diameter of the ball-end of the modular hose you wish to attach to.


Here is an example of the 27mm Snap-Lok modular hose to 3/4in Loc-Line adapter.  Snap-Lok modular hose is commonly found on Aquaeon aquarium mega overflow kits.