Coralife BioCube Slip-Fit Adapter – 20mm to 1/2in Loc-line

  • Corallife BioCube Compatible
  • 20mm Slip-Fit-Angle adapter designed to attach to a 32 Gallon Corallife BioCube return inlet
  • Compatible with the 1/2in RFG Nozzle & Standard 1/2in Loc-Line
  • 3D Printed in Reef Safe PETG Plastic


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CoralLife BioCube Compatible Adapter

This 20mm Adapter is designed to fit the inlet tube on the back wall of the Corllife BioCube 32. Pair the adapter with with the 1/2in RFG Nozzle and you can upgrade the standard flare nozzle that came with your BioCube with the Randomized flow of the RFG Nozzle.


Upgrading the flow in a 32 gallon BioCube

Watch as we upgrade the flow with the BIoCube Slip-fit Angle Adapter with the 1/.2in RFG Nozzle