28-30mm Modular Hose to 3/4in Loc-Line – Flex Adapter for Modular hose

  • This adapter will convert the stock inlet with an outer ball diameter of 28mm to 30mm to the 3/4in Loc-Line®.
  • Works with WaterBox aquarium with DN20 stock return Nozzles
  • Compatible with the 3/4in Loc-Line®
  • Includes a 1 Flex adapter


Convert Metric Modular Hose Sizes to Genuine Loc-Line

Convert any modular hose with an outer ball-connector diameter of 28mm to 30mm to 3/4in Loc-Line genuine Loc-Line and to the 3/4 Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

Module hose converter compatibility

This adapter is made with ultra durable red-safe flex material that stretches to fit many different hose sizes ranging from 28mm to 30mm. The socket end conforms to the ball connector shape and size to form a secure and snug fit.

Waterbox Compatibility

This modular hose adapter is compatible with many of the larger WaterBox aquarium systems, including the the systems with the DIN20 stock return nozzle size. You can check your system here:

Waterbox Infinia Series

  • All Models

ReefLX Series

  • All Models