21-22mm to 1/2in Loc-Line® Flex Adapter – Waterbox DN15 and other metric modular hoses

Convert non Loc-Line® Modular Hose to Loc-Line

This adapter will convert metric modular hose with an outer ball diameter of  approx. 21mm to 22mm to 1/2in Loc-Line fitting and RFG compatibility. Work with Waterbox, BioCube and many other manufactured aquariums.

  • Works with the follow aquarium systems:
    – Waterbox Aquarium  DN15 modular hose
    – All BioCube Aquarium
    – Aquatop
    – AquaOne
    – Most module hose style connectors similar to 1/2in Loc-Line
  • Compatible with the 1/2in RFG Nozzle
  • Includes a 1 Flex adapter


This adapter is included in he follow Pre-Configured Flow Kits:
Ultimate Nano Tank Return Line Upgrade Kit – Dual 1/4in Flex-Series RFG
1/2in Random Flow Generator® Flow Kit – 1/2 Flex-Series RFG


22 in stock (can be backordered)

Former part number: WB22050