25mm Metric Pipe to 3/4in Loc-Line Slip-Fit Adapter – RSR075LL

Add a Module hose connector to your Red Sea Reefer aquarium outlet, or any 25mm pipe.

  • Add a Loc-Line fitting to your Red Sea Reefer Return Nozzle
  • Also Compatible with Red Sea Max Return Nozzle
  • Compatible with any genuine 3/4in Loc-line fitting

RFG-FLXExtremely Durable and Flexible Material
Manufactured with a reef-safe TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)


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Add Loc-Line to your Red Sea Reefer Return Nozzle

This easy to install 25mm Slip-Fit Adapter allows you to quickly add a Loc-Line connector to your standard Red Sea Reefer return pipe. The Adapter securely slides on to the end of the nozzle. No tape, no glue, no tools.

With the Red Sea Reefer Loc-Line Adapter, you can attach any genuine 3/4in Loc-Line connector, adapter or Y-fitting to the end of the nozzle.


Installation takes just a few minutes

Simply remove the nozzle extension from the main return tube. Slip the 25mm Slip-fit Adapter over the end of the return tube. That’s it!


The Ultimate Reefer Return Line Upgrade!

The 25mm to Loc-line adapter is the easiest way to upgrade your Red Sea Reefer return line. Combine the 25mm adapter with a loc-line Y fitting of your choice along with a few sections of Loc-Line, then add two Random Flow Generators. It’s that easy and can completely transform your return line flow.