Waterbox® Flow Kit with 1/2in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle – WBFK050


CLICK HERE to view the new 1/2in Random Flow Generator Return Line Upgrade Kit with single 1/2in Flex-Sereis Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

Simply the Easiest Way to
Upgrade the Flow of your Waterbox® Aquarium

  • Compatible with:
    – Cube Series
    – Peninsula Mini Series
    – Reef Series 100.3 & 130.4 only*
    – Frag Series*
    – Marine Series*
    – and More!
  • Kit Includes:
    – 1/2in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle – RFG050
    – 2 segments of genuine 1/2in Loc-Line – LOC59860
    – 16.5mm Waterbox Adapter  – WB165050
    – 22mm Waterbox Adapter  – WB22050
  • 3D Printed Parts printed in Reef-safe PETG plastic. See our FAQ’s

Suggested flow rate guidelines are calculated to the return line outlet and per outlet

*requires two kits for complete flow solution


  • This kit fits WaterBox Cube and Peninsula Mini series aquarium and larger WaterBox Aquarium Systems with DN15 sizes return lines
  • For Waterbox System such as the3 Waterbox LX and INFINIA sereis with a DN20 Stock retrun line, please use the WBFK075X2 Flow kit
  • WaterBox Aquarium come with a variate of different plumbing sizes. For the latest and up to date product information please refer to the WaterBox Product specification list at:




The Waterbox® Flow Kit Featuring the 1/2in Random Flow Generator Nozzle

Recommended for the Waterbox® Cube 20, Peninsula 25, Reef, Frag and Marine Series Aquariums
The Vivid Creative Aquatics WATERBOX® Flow Kit with the Random Flow Generator® Nozzle will transform the flow in your aquarium. The RFG Nozzle uses a patent pending design that leverages fluid dynamics to randomly vary the direction and intensity of the flow exiting the nozzle.


A Simple Upgrade
for your Waterbox® Aquarium

Each kit includes everything needed to upgrade the return line of your Waterbox® aquarium with a Random Flow Generator®. Installation is a snap and takes just a few minutes.