Waterbox® Flow Kit with 3/4in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle – DN20

Simply the Easiest Way to Upgrade the Flow of your Waterbox® Aquarium

  • Compatible with:
    – Waterbox Aquarium with stock DN20 return lines
    – Reef LX Series
    – INFINIA Series
    – Reef DX 100.3 – 130.4
    – and More!
  • Kit Includes:
    –  2 x 3/4in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle – RFG075
    – Genuine 3/4in Loc-Line – LOC69540
    – 29mm to 3/4in Waterbox Adapter  – WB29075
  • 3D Printed Parts printed in Reef-safe PETG plastic. See our FAQ’s


WaterBox Aquarium come with a variate of different plumbing sizes. For the latest and up to date product information please refer to the WaterBox Product specification list at:

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