Waterbox Compatible

Add the Random FLow Generator® Nozzle to  youre WATEWRBOX® Aquarium with model specifc Flow Kits and adapters.

Red Sea Aquarium Flow Kits

Adding a Random Flow Generator® Flow kit to your Red Sea Reefer or MAX series tank can’t get any easier.

Innovative Marine & JBJ Compatibe

The Random Flow Generator® is a perfect match for these popular All-in-ones

CADE Aquarium Compatible

Add a Random FLow Generator® to your CADE aquaroum . Discover RFG flow soltuions for the REEF, Frag and Peninsula Sereis


The 1/2in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle is simple and effective flow soltuion for any BioCube. 

Fluval Compatible

The popular Fluval line of aquariums and the Random Flow Generator® Nozzle are a great match.