Made in the USA

From the raw materials to the finished product, we strive to live true to these words.


We take the term “Made the USA” very seriously.

In an effort to live true to those words, we have worked very hard to make as much of the materials and components used in our manufacturing and packaging process into a 100% U.S. supply chain.

From the finished product and components to the retail packaging, the Random Flow Generator® is made in the USA by American workers.

Innovation in the additive manufacturing space for consumer level end-use parts

Beginning in August of 2022, Vivid Creative Aquatics introduced our new flexible material to the lineup  of our Patented Random Flow Generator Nozzles. The new Flex-Series represents a significant leap forward in both durability and functionality of an additive manufactured, end-use consumer part.

The new Flex-Series RFG Nozzles is manufactured, on site, with same stiff rubber-like material you may find in other mass-produced consumer goods such as durable pet chew toys and phone cases.

The Flex-Sereis Random Flow Generator is nearly indestructible, easy to clean, has better throughput and can provide a wider flow pattern than our OG rigid model.

The Flex-Sereis is the all around upgrade everyone has been waiting for.