Add a Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle to you

Water Box 10 & 20 Cube

For both the Waterbox 10 and 20 Cubes, you’ll need our 16.5mm to 1/2in Modular Hose Converter. This will alow you to attach genuin Loc-Line parts to your stock wagterbox inlet.

Waterbox 10

For the water box 10 cube, the best options are a single or dual 1/4in RFG setup. You’ll want to make sure you return pump is up to the task. We recommend a pump capable of at least 120 to 200 GPH.

Waterbox 20

For the Waterbox 20 cube, the best option is a single 1/2in RFG Nozzle. You’ll want to make sure your return pump is capable of delivering at least 225 to 300 (or more) GPH to the RFG nozzle.