Quick-Clip & Hook Screen Clips for Clearwater Scrubbers Algae Scrubber

These Screen clips are direct replacements for the Clear Water Scrubbers Algae Scrubber Screen Clips. Fits models CW50 through CW300

  • Screen hanging system for the Clear Water Scrubber line of algae scrubbers
  • Direct replacement screen clips
  • Fits models CW50 through CW300
  • Includes 4 Clips for 1/2n PVC pipe



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Stop Using Zip Ties

The Quick-Clip & Hook Clear Water Scrubbers Screen clips are designed to fit standard 1/2in Schl40 & 80 PVC pipe and eliminate the need for zip ties.
The light shield and anti-wick design help to inhibit algae growth at the end of the screen to mitigate potential leaking.
The integrated hook makes removing your screen for cleaning, quick and easy.