CADE Aquarium Flow Kit – 1in Random Flow Generator®

Add a 1in Random Flow Generator® Nozzles to your Cade Series Aquarium

Each flow kits incudes:

  • 1 x 25mm to 1in Slip-Fit Adapter for Reef and Frag Series CADE Aquariums
  • 1 x 25mm to 1in Socket Adapter for the Peninsula Series CADE Aquariums
  • Includes 2 Segments of Jumbo 1in Modular Hose
  • Includes one Flex-Series 1in Flow Generator® Nozzle – RFGS100LL
Flow recommendations
For the strong, punchy randomization flow effect, supply each Random Flow Generator® Nozzle with the Suggested Optimal Flow Rating or more. For broad diffused and randomized flow, your target should be closer to the suggested minimum flow.
ModelMinimum GPHSuggested Optimal Flow
RFGS100LL300-350 GPH
(1,135-1,324 LPH)
575-675+ GPH
(2,175-2,550+ LPH)

Note: CADE Peninsula Series requires two kits – one for each outlet.


Available on backorder

Complete Kit  – Easy to Install

Each kit includes everything you need to add the Random Flow Generator® Nozzle to your CADE series aquarium – modular hose, pipe adapter and of course the Patented Random Flow Generator®. Installation takes just a few minutes and requires not modifications to your aquarium.

25mm Metric Pipe to Jumbo 1in Modular Hose Adapters

Each kit come with both a 25mm to 3/4in Loc-line®  Pipe Adapter and Socket Adapter. Use Pipe adapter on your CADE Reef and Frag Series tank, and use the Socket Adapter for your Peninsula Series aquariums.

25mm Pipe Adapter fits:
Cade Reef and Frag Series Aquariums, 25mm Metric Pipe work and Red Sea Reefer Series Aquariums

25mm Socket Adapter fits:
CADE Peninsula Series Aquariums, and 25mm metric pipe elbows and 45s



The Patented Random Flow-Generator® Nozzle

1in Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

The Only Random Flow Device With No Moving Parts.
The unique patented internal design of the Random Flow Generator® by Vivid Creative Aquatics, leverages fluid dynamics to randomly alter the direction of the flow as it exits the nozzle.

This internal helix design, pulls the central jet in on of 5 possible direction, but in only one direction at a time. The result is a broad wave-maker like motion but with no moving parts to ware out, no noise and no addition heat generated.

The Random Flow Generator® or RFG Nozzle can help to create a more natural, randomized flow pattern within an aquarium, pond, or other bodies of water.