25mm Random Flow Generator® 3/4in RFG with Metric Pipe Adapter – RFG075LL25

  • Includes 1 x 3/4″ Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle and 1 x 25mm to 3/4in RFG/Loc-Line Pipe Adapter
  • Creates a random flow pattern with no moving parts!
  • Fits 25mm PVC Pipe
  • Printed in Reef-safe PETG plastic. See our FAQ’s
Flow recommendations
The RFG Nozzle will handle far more flow than the "Optimal" GPH recommendations, so we encourage you to experiment and test the limits of the RFG Nozzles.
Minimum GPH
Optimal GPH
Single 3/4in RFG180-200420-500
Two 3/4in RFGs400-500700-800


10 in stock (can be backordered)


The Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle
The internal structure of the RFG Nozzle is comprised of a 5-vane helix that spirals nearly the entire length of the nozzle. Each vane of the helix is connected to an eductor at the base. Together, they form a set of internal channels.
The channels work to randomly direct the flow in one direction or the other as it exits the nozzle.




Includes Metric PVC Pipe Adapter

The Included 25mm to 3/4in Slip-Fit Pipe Adapter is compatible with 25mm PVC pipe and the 3/4in RFG nozzle or 3/4in Loc-Line® modular hose







Flow Demonstration of he 1/2in RFG nozzle



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