1/2in Random Flow Generator – RFG050

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  • Creates a random flow pattern with no moving parts!
  • Easily Snaps onto standard 1/2in Loc-Line
  • Printed in Reef-safe PETG plastic. See our FAQ’s
Flow recommendations
The RFG Nozzle will handle far more flow than the "Optimal" GPH recommendations, so we encourage you to experiment and test the limits of the RFG Nozzles.
Minimum GPH
Optimal GPH
Single 1/2in RFG (RFG050 )120-150300-450
Two 1/2in RFGs (RFG050)250-400640-670


The 5 internal fins form a set of spiraling channels. As the water flows through the nozzle, the channels draw the stream of water in one direction or the other. The small amount of interference at the base of the Eductor causes the stream to randomly change direction as it exits the nozzle.

Draws in additional water volume




Easy-Snap Fitting

Snaps onto a standard loc-line fitting with ease. No tool required.

Additional information

Weight 0.3125 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 6 in

1/2" Loc-Line


Single, Two-Pack

3 reviews for 1/2in Random Flow Generator – RFG050

  1. Darrin Sevitz (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these for my Biocube. It worked very well, but wasn’t tight at the loc-line connection. I contacted them back and immediately they told me they would make me another one. He went as far as going to a store in his area to measure the point of connection on a tank. He then made me a revised part and shipped it out to me at no charge, and didn’t want the other one back. It’s very hard to find customer service like this these days. I would recommend this product for someone looking to vary the flow in their tank. You can see the surface of the water change.

  2. pelphrey

    This is an awesome adapter and does truly what is says! Don’t be fooled by any of the other 3D printed parts, any of the parts sold here are sturdy and well worth the investment!

  3. shahnkhan (verified owner)

    Amazing product and absolutely great customer service. Antonio is the best. He responded to all my questions personally and ensured my order was shipped ASAP. Wish I could give 10 stars here!!!!!

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