CADE Peninsula Series

The add a set of Random Flow Generator® Nozzles to your CADE Peninsula Series Aquarium.

CADE Peninsula Series

The CADE Peninsula Series features dual inlets that enter the tank from either side of the overflow box. These inlets feature a 25mm 90-degree elbow. The elbow is compatible with the 25mm Male Socket to Loc-Line adapters.

Choose the size based on the amount of flow you can provide each Nozzle. This should be after any head loss created by the plumbing. A good rule of thumb is that your pump will deliver 65% to 75% of it’s total rating to the display tank after head loss created by the plumbing

  • Choose 25mm to 3/4in
    1,000 to 1450 GHP  – (500-65o GPH  per outlet)
  • Choose 25mm to 1in
    1,250 – 2,000 GPH – (650 to 1,000 GPH  per outlet)



Single 1in Random Flow Generator Nozzle

Suggested Optimal Flow Rating: 500 to 650+ GPH Per SIde

Single 3/4 Random Flow Generator

Suggested Optimal Flow Rating: 450 to 550+ GPH Per SIde